Milwaukee drivers avoid salt damage to their cars with these simple tips and tasks

With winter long underway -- Mother Nature covering your Ford, Hyundai or Nissan in slush, salt and heavy snow for many months now -- the right time to start cleaning your sand-, salt- and ash-covered car is ... well, it was yesterday. Even with continuously messy conditions, it's important to clear the gunk out from your wheel wells and undercarriage so it doesn’t corrode your car.

There are plenty of things you can do on your own to prevent salt damage, but there are also more labor-intensive things we here at Amato Automotive Group would be happy to do to your car to ensure its well-prepared for the mess ahead. For some insight into salt-damage prevention, tune into the Weather Channel clip below for tips from Car Coach Lauren Fix:

From purchasing rubber floor mats from one of our Ford, Hyundai or Nissan parts centers to scheduling a deep-clean at one of our Milwaukee area car repair centers, Mukwonago and Glendale area drivers find that their vehicles are better prepared for winter weather after they're winterized it with the help of our factory-trained technicians. See what we can do for you by making an appointment or a brief visit with a technician at one of our service centers for more information.

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