Just how green is the LEAF?

When it comes to green vehicles, the first in the industry are those electric vehicles that we all see around the streets today that have only grown in popularity in recent years. Models like the Nissan LEAF not only save you as the driver trips to the gas pump when you valuable time could be spent elsewhere, but driving an electric motor driving system is also beneficial to the environment.

The Nissan LEAF is a powerful car, with all the power you need to get up to speed and merge with highway traffic and travel at speed up an incline, but did you also know that one LEAF in particular has the ability to be seen in the dark? The engineers behind Nissan innovation took on a challenge and applied a paint that absorbs the sun's rays so it is visible after dark for hours. The paint looks pretty cool, and is even made from sustainable materials that inevitably fade after years of constant used.

With such forward thinking, it is no wonder why so many drivers choose the Nissan LEAF over other EV in the market today. For a chance to test drive one, come in to the Amato Auto Group and take a quiet spin around Milwaukee, MI.

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