Must Know Signs it is Time for Brake Repair

There are few, if any services, that are as important as maintaining the brake system in your vehicle. The brakes are what keep you and your passengers, as well as other people on the road, safe and protected from unnecessary accidents. Brake systems require routine maintenance in order to remain in the best possible condition. Brake trouble is often first noticed when one of the following issues begins to occur, and remember it is important to take care of brake trouble as soon as it becomes apparent!

Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal

If the brake pedal in your vehicle seems to rest closer to the floor than it used to there's a good chance that the brake pads are heavily worn. However this issue may be caused by something more serious, such as air in the brake lines or a dangerous brake fluid leak.

Vehicle Pulling while Braking

A vehicle that swerves to the left or right when the brakes are applied is most likely suffering from uneven brake pad wear. Unfortunately there are other issues that can cause this control problem. This includes a stuck wheel cylinder or contaminated brake fluid that is preventing the system from operating properly.

Shaking Brake Pedal or Steering Wheel

Have you noticed a vibration that occurs in the brake pedal or steering wheel when you attempt to slow your vehicle? There is a good chance that this is being caused by warped brake rotors. If the rotors have become disfigured due to elongated or harsh braking or some other reason it will decrease your braking ability by quite a bit because of the uneven surface the brake pads have to create friction with rotor.

Grinding or Squealing

One of the most common signs of brake trouble is a grinding or squealing noise that occurs when the brakes are applied. This is the sound of metal grinding on metal and it's due to the fact that the brake pads have completely worn down. This is extremely dangerous and needs to be addressed right away to restore your vehicle’s complete breaking ability.

Illuminated Indicator Light

Your vehicle is likely equipped with a dashboard indicator light that represents the brake system. It generally reads ABS, which stands for antilock braking system. If this light comes on head to the factory service center near you to have the problem properly diagnosed and repaired.

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