The Benefits of Ford OEM Parts

Is your new Ford in need of routine maintenance or repair? If you're a do-it-yourselfer there are many tasks you can complete on your vehicle in your own garage, such as oil changes, filter replacements and more. While it is always a good idea to have a certified Ford technician tackle more complex jobs, it's understandable that some people prefer to get their own hands dirty on their vehicles. If this sounds like you it is important to remember that as you head to the shop to gather the necessary parts for the service you're about to perform that you only purchase original Ford parts. In order to get the right part for the job you'll likely need to visit your local Ford dealership and service department.

Ford OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are necessary for several reasons. There are many aftermarket parts producers that sell low quality replacements that may end up doing more harm than good. While it is true there are some companies that put out high quality parts as well, these are usually intended for people looking to boost performance, but they still have their downsides, such as causing conflict with a warranty. Here are 3 reasons to always use Ford OEM parts when conducting repairs on your car.

High Quality Parts

The number one reasons to utilize Ford original parts is so that you can be sure they will be of manufacturer quality. When purchasing aftermarket parts from a distributor that you've never heard of it can be difficult to know what sort of effort actually went into producing the part. There is a reason some parts cost much less than original replacements. The materials that cheap parts are cast from are often of lower grade products that will quickly wear out and fail.

Properly Fitting Parts

Another problem that people who use aftermarket parts often run into is that they do not fit correctly when trying to replace the original equipment. Ford OEM parts are designed specifically for a certain vehicle and drivetrain. Some parts manufacturers try to create generic parts that are suppose to work with many vehicles, but in the end they often just don't fit.

Keeps Warranties Valid

If your Ford is under warranty you will find that it is necessary to use original Ford parts to complete repairs in order to keep the warranty valid. Using aftermarket parts and accessories may forfeit the warranty's benefits due to the possibility of the non-OEM replacement parts being at fault for future problems.

Don't take chances on cheap replacement parts, utilize Ford original parts for every service completed on your vehicle. If you need Ford OEM parts in Milwaukee or need to schedule Ford maintenance or repair call the team Amato Automotive Group. We offer a full lineup of all Ford parts and our factory trained technicians can complete any service your new or late model Ford needs. Call Amato today to request an appointment for Ford services in Milwaukee!