The Benefits of Nissan OEM Parts

Owning a vehicle is a great convenience for many people, but it doesn't come without its share of responsibility. Vehicles regularly require routine maintenance services and the occasional repair as they age, and while some people prefer to do the work themselves, it is always important that quality parts are used for each service. When your Nissan is due for an oil change, timing belt replacement, or any other scheduled maintenance, it is imperative to use Nissan OEM parts. The term OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which means the replacement parts are produced by Nissan or their partner to the exact specifications of the factory equipment.

It is easy to find cheap replacement parts online or at your local auto parts store, but to keep your car running well and at maximum efficiency be sure to visit your local Nissan dealer service center to order OEM parts or to have necessary services completed at their facility. Nissan dealerships will always use OEM Nissan parts to keep your any existing warranty valid and for the following reasons.

Safer Parts

Aftermarket parts producers are not held to the same standards as auto manufacturers that are producing brand new vehicles. This means when you purchase an aftermarket part it may be made of low grade materials that could put your vehicle at risk of a breakdown, which may lead to an accident on a busy roadway. To keep your Nissan safe be sure to always utilize factory parts.

Higher Quality Parts

As mentioned you never know what you're really getting when purchasing cheap aftermarket parts. The quality of the materials used in these parts may degrade much quicker than original equipment, leading to a badly running vehicle that suffers from poor performance and fuel efficiency.

Better Fitting Parts

When you use manufacturer parts you can be positive that they will fit properly during replacement. Aftermarket producers create generic parts that are intended for use on many makes and models, which often leads to having to manipulate a part in order to get it to sit correctly.

There is no reason not to use OEM parts when repairing or maintaining your vehicle. It is a smart investment that will help your car last for many more years. If you need to order OEM Nissan parts in Milwaukee contact the Nissan Service Center at Amato Automotive Group. Our highly trained team offers all parts for new and late model Nissans and we can complete any service your vehicle requires. Give Amato a call to schedule factory Nissan maintenance in Milwaukee today!