Why Shop at Dealership for a Used Vehicle?

For most people buying a car is an exciting, yet rather exhausting experience. The tactics that one person uses in a search for a used car may be completely different from that of another, but they may always run into the same issues. They may find problems with a car that were not disclosed by the last owner, come across a missing title and of course there is the issue of haggling for the best deal possible. The thing is, most of this only happens when trying to purchase a car from a private party. The laws governing private party sales are rather non-existent, other than having to pay taxes. When you search for your next new to you vehicle at a dealership you'll likely have a much more pleasant, hands on experience, opposed to scrolling through hundreds of online ads, negotiating a price and taking the pink slip for a car that you're not to sure what condition it is actually in. Here are 4 reasons to shop for a used car at a dealership.


One of the best aspects of purchasing from a dealership is the ability to get great financing on site. Financing allows you to expand your search criteria in order to afford a car that is likely more in tune with your needs and is also in better condition with lower miles. A dealership will work with your budget to get you in a vehicle that you are happy with and can afford on your budget.

Great Offers

Trying to get a low price on a vehicle from a private owner can be extremely difficult. Every person selling a car wants to get the highest amount possible and many times private sellers aren't in a rush to sell their beloved, meaning they'll hold out for a better offer. At a dealership it is necessary for them to get through their inventory rather quick, so profits are quite marginal, meaning they'll work with you to get a great deal on a car in order to make room for something new on the lot.

Warranty Available

Another great reason to buy a used car from a dealership is because they will likely offer some sort of warranty, ensuring your purchase is protected. A warranty will often cover future services, breakdowns and more.

True Condition

Of course a private owner has no legal reason to disclose the true condition of a vehicle, whereas a reputable dealership is held to certain standards and regulations. In many cases they will offer certified used cars which include a complete vehicle history.

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