Is a Dirty Car Like a Golf Ball?

Have you ever wondered what the dimples on a golf ball are for? Those little divots disrupt air passing over the ball's surface. Through some function of aerodynamics, this makes the ball able to travel up to 37% farther than a smooth ball would.

How is this like your car? When clean, your new Ford has a smooth, sleek surface-- completely unlike a golf ball. But when it gets caked in mud, that rough surface could act like the dimples on a ball, improving aerodynamics, and getting you better fuel economy.

Or, maybe it would add to wind drag, and do the opposite. The Mythbusters test it out.

What they find is that dirt makes very little difference, about 10% difference in fuel economy. When the car is freshly cleaned, it uses 10% less fuel.

So, the verdict is in, cars are not golf balls. However, there is a way for you to improve fuel economy. Visit an Amato Automotive Group service center for routine maintenance.

Even if nothing seems wrong with your vehicle, regular maintenance, including changing fluids and checking belts, can help your engine squeeze more miles out of every drop of fuel.

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