In Consideration of Drive-Thru Courtesy

When it comes to being a courteous driver, there's one aspect that is easy to overlook: drive-thru etiquette. It may seem innocuous, but too often this method of speed and convenience is misused, rendering its intended purpose moot. Here are two simple things to consider the next time you want to save a few minutes at lunchtime.

  • Size up your order. If you're getting lunch for everyone in the office, it can take several minutes just to place the order. It's unlikely that going through the drive through will speed this process along, in fact it may take more time. If you have a large order, take it inside. This way you won't hold up the person behind you who just wants a chicken sandwich and a soda, and the employees, who often have time standards to meet, will appreciate it as well.
  • Have your method of payment ready ahead of time. When you pull up to the window, you don't want to be shuffling through your purse or wallet, or digging through the seats for change. To ensure a faster, more positive experience for all those involved, have your cash or card in hand before you pull up to the window.

It is more than likely that this topic simply doesn't cross people's mind, so go ahead and talk about it if you get the chance. When made aware of the situation, people should have no problem extending driving etiquette to the drive-thru.


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