Safety Recall Informaion

Concerned about safety recalls?  Keeping your car in good working order is essential to a safe and enjoyable experience.  At the Amato Automotive Group, your continued safety is the utmost importance to us.  Below please find some information about what to do if you know or suspect a vehicle you own or are thinking of purchasing is subject to a Federally Mandated Safety Recall.

In order to find out if your vehicle is subject to a recall you'll need your VIN number.  You can find this 17 digit number in a few places on the vehicle.  It will appear on your sales paperwork, but it is also present in two locations on your vehicle: inscribed on the lower left front corner of your windshield (read it from the outside) or in your driver's door jamb (open the car door wide).  Once you have the VIN Number, checking to see if your vehicle is subject to a safety recall is an easy task.  

On your computer or mobile device go to or you can check Hyundai USA Recall, Nissan USA Recall, or Ford Recall. is administered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which allows anyone to search for safety recalls by year, make, model, and VIN Number.  The VIN search function lets you see all information gathered from safety recall websites established by the Auto Manufactures (OEMs)  OEMs are required to post recall  status information on their websites whenever they create a new recall letter recipient list.  They are also required to display a description of each unremedied safety recall applicable to a specific VIN dating back AT LEAST 15 years.  This means that whether you are buying a used car or new you'll be able to tell if your vehicle has been subject to any safety recalls in the past, and whether or not those issues have been repaired or dealt with.  These records must be updated every seven days, so you can assured that you have the most up to date information when you check.  Once a vehicle that is subject to a safety recall is reported as having been remedied, it is removed from the list.

Making sure that your vehicle isn't subject to any Federally Mandated Safety Recalls is the least you can do to protect not only your investment in a vehicle, but also your life and those of your loved ones.  Amato Automotive is always happy to help your purchase your next vehicle and to provide you service in our excellent service centers.

Recall information is only available for recalls initiated since November 1, 1998 covering vehicles manufactured after October 18, 1996.  If your vehicle was manufactured before this date please contact your service department for any additional recall information


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